Are you looking for a Residence Hall in Valencia?

Saomar is a Student Residence connected with the University of Valencia. The Residence Hall opened in 1976 and was completely renovated in 2020. Saomar is a corporate work of Opus Dei.

We have a personalized counselling programme that accompanies each resident at the beginning of their university life and complements their professional and human formation.

Saomar organizes solidarity, sporting, creative, academic and cultural activities that promote developing relationships, family atmosphere and the personal enrichment of each resident.

colegio mayor valencia

This is the room of our Residence Hall in Valencia

In the students residence Saomar all rooms are individual with full bathroom, wifi and air conditioning.

Services and Facilities

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  • Academic Excellence Scholarships
  • Strategic location: In the city centre of Valencia
  • Good connection with public transport
  • Single en-suite rooms
  • Library and Study Rooms
  • Chapel
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Wifi in all areas
  • Bicycle parking space
  • Room cleaning
  • Full board 7 days a week
  • Homemade food prepared daily
  • Laundry

Prices and Grants

  • Monthly full board of 955 € VAT not included
  • Per day in the month of June: 45 € VAT not included
  • Discount of 10 % if you have a sister already staying in the Residence
  • Reservation of place: 600 €. The reservation also serves as a deposit and will be returned one month after vacating the room, if it is in adequate condition.

Grants: Grants from 50% to 15% discount.

The Residence Hall Saomar has scholarships of excellence that range from 50 % to 15 % discount on the board and that are awarded according to:

      • Academic record.
      • Family income.
      • Seniority in the school
      • Order of request
      • The deadline to apply for a scholarship ends on July 15.

The board includes:

  • Single room
  • With toilet and bathroom. Wardrobe, study table with lighting, chair, bookshelf and bed. Duvet, mattress, sheets, towels and Wifi.
  • Dining room service
  • Full board: Breakfast, lunch and dinner, including weekends and holidays. Take-away option.
  • Laundry
  • Weekly washing of sheets and towels and underwear (previously marked). All other laundry is done by the residents. Washing machines and tumble dryers are available for a fee.
  • Cleaning Service
  • Cleaning of rooms and bathrooms 3 days a week – Daily cleaning of common areas.
colegio mayor en valencia saomar

Steps to start your application at the Residence Hall:

colegio mayor en valencia

  • Apply for a slot
  • Fill in the form with your details to start the process.
  • Personal interview
  • We will conduct a personal interview with the admissions officer.
  • Confirmed Admission
  • Admission will be confirmed personally.
  • Formalization of enrolment
  • Admission is guaranteed upon payment of the deposit.


Refund of Reservation

The reservation will be refunded if the students fail the university entrance exams in June, as long as they can prove it with an official document. The deadline for requesting the refund of the reserve will end 10 calendar days after the publication of the official marks of the university entrance exams. Likewise, the deposit will be refunded to new students who renounce their place if they can prove, before 20 July, that they were not admitted to any of the Universities of Valencia.


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